Writing Screen Play Scenes and Novel Chapters for Big Hollywood Movies

Are you considering writing a screen play or a novel that you want to turn into a screen play or perhaps be ready in case Hollywood calls one day? If so you are in luck, that is if you are using the new Microsoft Word 2007, because you can download a formatted template for your next screen play and then simply write into that word template and then when you are done convert it all into a .PDF file and presto you have a screen play successfully written and ready to distribute.

Well first you have to write it of course and writing a scene for a screen play or a conversation for one of the chapters of your novel with two people conversing is not as hard as you might think. They are indeed very similar tasks. If you are writing a novel which will be converted into a Movie for the big screen then you probably wish to have four to six scenes per chapter.

Some novelists who are writing only for the movies will work hard to get it down to two or three scenes per chapter, short fast suspenseful chapters. When writing a screen play you have probably seen a paragraph at the top of a screen play chapter that says “Scene Opens Up with” and a description of the some sort of visual imagery depicted in words.

For a writer who likes to write novels or books, even if they are only eBooks of fiction writing a screen play, at least one makes a lot of sense, because it is excellent practice and it helps you mentally prepare and be ready to write a novel that can later be turned into a movie quite easily, so consider doing one simply as an exercise, and it may later very much help your career as a writer?