What Makes a Very Bad Big Budget Hollywood Movie?

Everyone wonders how a Hollywood production company can spend so many millions of dollars on an idea or script that is obviously so bad. When you consider how many people create scripts each year, how can a movie be made that clearly has no script or any real idea?

Very recently I saw the movie Jupiter Ascending and while sitting through these 2 hours of pure garbage I could not believe that every single scene made no sense and each scene’s connection to the next scene made even less sense. The entire purpose of the movie seemed to be to come up with reasons to insert special effects to disguise the fact that this very bad movie should never had been made. While wasting over 2 hours of my life watching this movie I would continually press the light button to see how much longer I would have sit through this horrible movie. Obviously this is not a good sign.

It should be obvious to all Hollywood producers that special effects is never a workaround for not having a decent script or a good story idea, but so often I have seen movies where all this is forgotten because they all think that all we need is a great movie trailer showing explosions, aliens and special effects and that would make up for the fact that no time was put into writing a story and a good script. This happens far too often in Hollywood and its shame.

The end result of all this is that so many of us are fooled into believing that we are going to be entertained by a great blockbuster movie with great special effects and a great story, but what happens in the case of Jupiter Ascending is that you have to sit through 2 hours of a nightmare that you can’t wait until it’s all over. While watching this horrible movie, I was close to walking out several times and now that I have seen the entire 2 hours I am surprised I didn’t. From here I am going to be curious about what the critics will say about this movie as well as how much movie it will make this weekend and long term. In terms of my life of going to the movie, this has to be one of the worst movies of all times as far as movies I have seen in a movie theatre and paid for.