The Haunted House in Hollywood Movies

People love to be terrorized; not in the true sense of the word, but they do get vicarious pleasure out of watching haunted house pictures as they know that is it not for real and they can get the thrill and at the same time enjoy it to the hilt. Hollywood realizes this fact more than anybody else, and this is the reason there is a major release of a film in the genre of horror and suspense just before Halloween. Halloween is a Celtic festival celebrated with much fanfare around the western world. People decorate their houses to make them look like haunted houses, wear scary costumes and do all sorts of weird makeup to have fun and frolic all night long.

The history of haunted house pictures is as old as the Hollywood itself. After all they know what people like and make it in a manner to scare the shit out of us just to make profit at the box office. People buy the DVD’s of scary movies and enjoy them in their homes. Knowing well that they are secured in the comfort of their home, they keep popcorns by their side and get the trill and excitement that is missing from their daily lives.

Haunted house movies have been there from the beginning. In almost all horror movies, the story revolves around a place that is full of horror and suspense. They have been a hit whenever a good quality horror movie gets released. This is due to our inner nature. We like to be tickled in a strange manner. Though none of us would like to face a ghost or a spirit, if indeed there was one, all of us wish to get vicarious pleasure out of thrill and kick we get when we watch a horror movie. The eerie silence, the creepy atmosphere, the spiders and cob webs, terrifying sounds and shadows, all add to the excitement and terror and greatly increase the impact of the film.

If you look at the history of horror movies, you will find dozens of haunted house pictures that have not only entertained us, but also succeeded in terrifying us in all sorts of ways. The camera angles, the sounds and other special effects are used in such a manner that audiences wish they had not entered the movie theaters. Herein lies the greatness of these pictures.