Hollywood Movie Stars Support Eco-Terrorism

Some have said that Hollywood Movie Stars are supporting Eco-Terrorists by donating to certain environmental groups. In fact some say that these movie stars may actually know where the money will eventually end up but donate anyway, as it shows their Hollywood support of the liberal viewpoint and is worth a few brownie points in the high-society circles in which they travel and need to be seen in. Recently a few online think tank forum think tankers discussed this notion and one had commented and stated:

“I had an interesting thought about the environmental terrorist groups and wonder why they have never targeted Hollywood and the movie industry. It seems that they destroy so much stuff that just has to go to landfills in most movies and this one was no exception. I don’t believe these groups have even raised one stink over this, hypocrites that they are.”

Well this is an interesting point indeed, why is it that Hollywood is never attacked or their on-site movies, which are often filmed in the wilderness? And the think tanker makes a good point, as the eco-terrorists start fires, which cause pollution and often destroy buildings, car dealerships and industrial type places which in turn put huge accumulations of debris and toxic gas into the air. This being extremely hypocritical as if you really cared about the environment you would never even think of such a thing. Another think tank member stated:

“Well, that is liberal Hollywood for you, some of those actors and actresses actually believe in the Eco-terrorists causes and condone it. It is pitiful really. I think secretly although they will never admit it, that these movie folks are funding eco-terrorists giving money to groups which claim to support environmental endeavors. Of course if you arrest them for it, they will have all sorts of negative media and it will be another Waco Incident with the FBI.”

It is a really challenging issue, as sometimes you have to follow the money to find the bad guys and then you come across folks you would never suspect stuck in the middle and inadvertently funding the entire operation. Sound familiar? As that is so similar to the International Terrorists we are dealing with in the world, isn’t it? Consider this in 2006.

The Hollywood Movie “Philadelphia” and the Law of Attraction

Philadelphia is a wonderful story showing the Law of Attraction in action. Two of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, play in this film. Tom Hanks plays Andy Beckett, a smart young homosexual lawyer who loves opera. And Denzel plays Joe Miller, a homophobic lawyer, who decides to represent Andy despite his homophobia.

Andy works for a prestigious law firm. He was hired because he was the best. Smart, quick, knowledgeable about the law and passionate about being a lawyer. He is working on one of the most important cases the law firm has had to date. He works day and night to get the final papers drafted and he leaves them on his desk, when he is finished late one night. He leaves instructions for his secretary, who will see them in the morning, to do what is appropriate with them.

All the while Andy is working on this case, he is just learning that he has AIDS. He begins to have lesions on his face and body and so he starts to work at home a lot. He is in and out of the hospital getting tests done and he is trying to hide that fact of his illness from his co-workers. One of his co-workers, another lawyer, recognizes one of the lesions for what it is, AIDS and he tells his boss about it. And at once Andy is let go from the firm, even though just a short time before he had been given a promotion.

Andy is upset, of course about losing his job and begins to seek counsel. He served his clients completely and competently all the time he was at the firm and he is WANTING justice. He knows that he was fired because he has AIDS and of course he will go about proving it.

He goes to 9 lawyers, all of whom have denied him service, when he finally gets to the desk of Joe Miller. Joe also turns him down and we begin to see and hear the depth of his fear of homosexuals.

Andy at one point, when the pressure seems unbearable says “for every problem there is a solution.”

Andy and Joe meet again at the library where they are both doing work and Joe asks if Andy has found a lawyer yet. Andy says “no, but he is a lawyer and will represent himself.’ Joe then decides to take the case. He starts getting to know Andy and his partner Migel as played by Antonio Banderas. He slowly sees them for who they really are, just two people who love each other. And bit by bit the viewers see how one who was in fear begins to let go of the fear and realize what is truth……..and how fear distorts everything and creates a climate of hatred and suspicion.

The transformation of Joe Miller is also seen when he begins to appreciate his wife and his daughter even more than before and truly realize the depths of his love for them.

At one point Andy is reading from a law book and it points out the the social death of AIDS precedes the physical death……a statement that clearly depicts what is happening to Andy at this point in his firm.

Throughout the movie, Andy has tremendous support from all of his family. One can really get the sense of how important this is to a person with this illness. It both informs and educate the viewers about AIDS and homosexuality and the fear attached to both in this culture.

The metaphor that seems to make the most sense for the people in the court room is when Joe Miller compares Andy’s case to one day being seen as caviar and roast duck and the next day a bologna sandwich. And he makes the case that Andy was given the most important case because they knew he was the best……namely roast duck and caviar. And now he is being described as a bologna sandwich.

At one point, on the stand, when Andy is being questioned, he is asked what he likes about being a lawyer and he replies “I love the law and what I love the most about the law is that every once in a while, occasionally, you get to be a part of justice being done.

Also, at one point the defense lawyer begins to feel sick about her role in this spreading of fear.

It is when Andy’s boss is on the stand and he is lying about the situation that Andy gets up to leave and he collapses and gets rushed to hospital.

And the jury knows and realizes that Andy was set up… He was the best and was fired because he had AIDS and the verdict is $243,000 in damages and $4,782,000 in punitive damages.

Andy dies at the end of the movie after everyone he loved, even Joe Miller has said goodbye to him. He last sees his lover Migel and says to him “now I am ready Migel.

Justice has been granted and he is ready……..he got what he had been WANTING. Ask and you shall be given!!

Take A Holiday To Malta, The Troy Of Hollywood Movies

That a country with only 17 miles in length and 9 miles across can be fascinating enough to pull in travelers all around the world may remain unintelligible to people who either have not visited Malta or not heard of its huge tourism industry. The fact that the country imports almost all its foods and other consumer goods and it depends on tourism to generate the required revenue is enough to realize what a holiday to Malta can be.

With a history of more than a few thousand years, Malta boasts of home to some of the most attractive historical sights in the world. Together with this, there are the rich cultural heritage, nightlife and round the year festivities to make a holiday to Malta more than simply a travel tour. It is not for nothing that the Hollywood movies like Troy, Gladiator and Alexander were filmed on the sunny shore of the island!

The specialty about Malta is that though it is changing fast, the historical attractions of the country have not faded. Unlike any other countries where innovations are made at the cost of destroying history, this small island country could keep up its history somehow intact. But the historical sights have not reduced the country to a regular museum. Rather, a holiday to Malta will discover that along with its prehistoric mystery, a number of modern attractions are awaiting.

Life in Malta is lively and joyous. You will have a calendar of events fully packed with festivities and activities all the year round. Escape yourself in the solitude of the island or take part in the carnivals; take a suntan on the island shore or dip into some Maltese dishes. Holiday to Malta [http://www.otravel-holidays.co.uk/holidaytomalta-accommodation.htm] will be an ideal choice for those who are looking for place to spend their convalescence period. The country is fast growing as a medical tourism destination. That it ranks fifth in the list of WHO is a strong proof that it will succeed in its effort.

How Are 3D Animations Used In Hollywood Movies and Cartoons

At this point in time, it would be a safe bet to speculate that everyone age 4 to 85 has seen a 3D animation film of some sort. Yes, animation has made big changes since the days of the original Disney and Warner Brothers Cartoons. With the advent of the computer and the technological advances made in the last 10 years, the days of the drawing of cartoons on a flat board are becoming history.

In Hollywood today, some of the highest revenue producing movies have been 3D animation films. The latest of them to hit the box-office is the often touted movie “Avatar”. This movie is quickly becoming the staple that all other 3D movies are measured against. The use of 3D animation in this movie lets the moviemakers accomplish effects that many of us could only see in our imaginations until today.

There have been many other 3D movies that were embraced by the public in a very large way also. There is Toy Story I and II, The Adventures of Nemo, Shark Tale, and the popular superhero movie, the Incredibles. Each and every one of these movies did well at the box-office as well as when they were released on DVD.

To make one of the 3D animation movies is quite an incredible feat in itself. It took almost 3 years to get Avatar to the screen at your local theatre. The number of computer animation specialists and sketch artists alone was enough to cost payroll in the neighborhood of 10 Million Dollars. The price tag for the entire production from inception to completion was around 500 Million. No wonder the film has done so well.

The shift to 3D animation films is something that is not going to end soon, as the movies are enjoyed by youngsters as well as adults. This gives Hollywood a huge target audience to draw from at the ticket counter, and therefore, generates the REALLY big bucks. To add to the draw of the movie, the producers get popular stars to do the voice tracks for the characters.

With this new age of 3D animation comes many other uses besides the box office. This form of animation is used in commercials to make a very memorable and impressive commercial that the consumer cannot get out of his head. In drafting and architecture, it is used to make virtual plans that a person can literally walk through.

The new technology of 3D animation was, like with all things new and cutting edge, made popular in Hollywood and now we will begin to see it in many other ways throughout our day to day lives.