Hollywood Movies That Are Made From Existing Stories

Movies and stories have a very old connection. Throughout the history of films, different movies have come from famous stories, novels and plays all over the world. Hollywood movies are not an exception. There is a reason behind this profound love of Hollywood for good stories. Actually, Hollywood is a kind of industry which always wants to tell stories through their films. They always follow a linear way of story telling. To maintain this linear way, they always search for good stories. In this article, we will talk about those Hollywood movies that are made from existing stories.

Making films from stories has some advantages. This system saves a lot of time in the pre-production stage. In this case, the director does not have to appoint a writer for a new story. As the story already exists, he just need to do the script and screenplay.

A readymade story gives the film an extra popularity. If the film is made from a hit tale, then very naturally people will be eager to watch the film version of it. If we check the history, then we will find out that most of those kinds of films have been big box office hits.

If the film is based on the work of a renowned author, then it will ease the work pressure on the director to some extent. A famous book is obviously good writing. Therefore, the director will not have to change a lot of that.

Hollywood films have come from three different categories of literary works. These three are stories, novels, and plays. First we are going to look at the films made from famous stories. Kafka was a writer whose stories influenced Hollywood a lot. However, it is very tough to make a film version of his stories, but still people have tried and in some cases, they have done a very good job. For instance, The Trial directed by Orson Welles was a masterpiece. It was released in 1963.

Many films have been made from the stories of O Henry, the famous American story writer. Gift of the Magi directed by Scott Mansfield and The Last Leaf directed by David Anspaugh had been instant hits. Roald Dahl was a very famous British writer who wrote several short stories and novels. He also scripted some films. Lamb to the Slaughter directed by Nicole Barnette was based on a very famous story of Dahl.

Some very famous novels have been given film versions. For instance, The Accidental Tourist was based on the writing of Anne Tyler. The film was directed by Lawrence Kasdan and was released in the year 1988. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was the film version of the famous Mark Twain novel, filmed by Peter H. Hunt.

Some famous plays have also been transformed into films. For example, Orson Welles filmed Macbeth, the famous play of William Shakespeare, in the year 1950. Franco Zeffirelli filmed Romeo and Juliet in the year 1968.

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5 Hollywood Movies To See Before You Die

Get the best glimpses of Hollywood on HBO Hits this month with the blockbusters starring Vin Diesel, Scott Adkins, Karl Urban, Dolph Lundgren, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and Julia Roberts in the lead. Find Katee Sackhoff, Yi Huang, Anthony Mackie, Patricia Clarkson, Aaron Eckhart and Albert Finney giving some of the finest performances in the supporting roles. Experience the best of action-adventure, comedy and drama taking place at the direction of David Twohy, Eric Styles, Michael Bay, Will Gluck and Steven Soderbergh.

Here is a list of some movies that are surely to take you on the journey of a lifetime in the duration from 1 hour 28 minutes to 2 hour 4 minutes.

Erin Brockovich – Released in the year 2000, Erin Brockovich is a biographical flick which traces the story of an unemployed-turned-legal assistant single mother as she single-handedly tries to fight against a power corporation held guilty of polluting the water supply in a city. The film was adapted from a true story based on a woman named Erin Brockovich played by Julia Roberts. She fights against an energy company that plays with the health of residents of an entire city, thus, putting their lives into jeopardy. Tune-in to figure out the end result of this case and the way Roberts does justice to her strong character.

Friends with Benefits – Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis play Dylan and Jamie who are friends-wit-benefits in this romantic comedy movie of 2011. The plot is based upon how a friendly relationship between the couple turns into something deeper as they form a close bond over a period of time only to keep denying it till the end. Watch the hilarious situations in which both the people fall in love to become inseparable.

Riddick – It is a science thriller film made in the year 2013 and is a third in the Riddick trilogy. The action-adventure film has Vin Diesel as the main character Riddick who struggles against alien predators. He plays an escaped convict who fights for his own survival. Will he succeed or will he give up forms the crux of the story.

Legendary – Travis is a character played by Scott Adkins in this 2013 action-adventure movie. He portrays a crypto zoologist who is in search of a creature that determines the story of the film. He is trying to save the mythological character from being killed by his competitor, Harker (Dolph Lundgren). Watch to know if the man is successful in his mission. See what struggles Travis has to go through while trying to prevent a Cryptid from getting killed while it is wreaking havoc.

Pain and Gain – The film talks about personal trainers from 1990s when they get caught as a criminal conspiracy goes wrong while they try to pursue their dreams. This 2013 comedy crime flick is a story about three bodybuilders who end up spoiling their own American dream as their fate takes a different turn at the behest of their own deeds. See the film to know the ultimate destiny of the various characters.

Hollywood Movies That Have Used Swahili

Over the years, the Swahili language has increasingly found its place in the international film industry. While some films simply feature short transcripts of Swahili, there are others which wholly feature Swahili as the main language used in the dialogues between the characters. Below is a look at some of the award winning and critically acclaimed movies that have featured the use of Swahili language in their transcripts.

The Last King of Scotland

While this movie was based on a fictional account of the life of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, the primary language spoken by African characters in The Last King of Scotland was Swahili. However, English is the main language in the film. In the film, Forest Whitaker played Idi Amin and spoke a lot of Swahili when he was speaking to other African characters. During the scenes where Swahili is spoken, English subtitles are provided to enable non-Swahili speakers to understand what the characters are saying. For his role, Forest Whitaker won the Best Leading Actor Award at the 2007 Oscars amongst other accolades.

Nowhere in Africa

Nowhere in Africa is a German film released in 2001 which features a lot of dialogue in the Swahili language. Other languages featured in this film are German and English. This film was adapted from an autobiographical novel of the same name written by Stefanie Zweig. The novel was based on a real life Jewish family which immigrated to Kenya to start farming during the Second World War in order to escape the wrath of the Nazis in Germany. Directed by Caroline link, the film starred Julianne Kohler and Merab Ninidze. This film also received an Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2002, amongst other awards and critical acclaim.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa is an Academy Award-winning film based on the novel of the same name and written by Isak Dinesen – also known as Karen Blixen. In 1985, the film was adapted from the novel by director Sydney Pollack and starred Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen, with Robert Redford playing Denis Finch-Hatton. Because the film was based in Kenya and its main characters were Kenyan settlers, there is a lot of use of the Swahili language featured in the dialogue of the film. This is mainly found in conversations between the main characters and African characters, representing Kenyans who in most cases had not learnt the English language by the 1930s, which is the period in which the film is set.

Other box office hits which have made use of Swahili include Lion King (1994), Mighty Joe Young (1998), George of The Jungle, Madagascar (2006), and Inception (2010).

Star System of Hollywood Movies

The method of creating and promoting film stars in Hollywood movies is known as the star system. Different studios would select talented actors and create roles for them, often inventing new names and even new backgrounds. Stars that went through this star system in Hollywood movies are Cary Grant, Joan Crawford and Rock Hudson. In this system the emphasis is on the image rather than on acting. Although acting, voice, and dancing lessons are apart of the common element of the regimen.

They had rules and restrictions that these new budding actors had to follow. Some of them being, they were not allowed to leave the house without putting any makeup and wearing stylish clothes especially when it comes to female actors. Whereas, the male actors they were expected to be seen in public as gentlemen. The star system of Hollywood movies had morality clauses, which was a common part of the actor’s studio contracts.

Just as the executives, public relations staffs, and the agents worked together with the actor to create a star character, so also they would work together to cover up the incidents or lifestyles which were thought of as disrespectful and which might damage or spoil the image of the actor in the eye of the public.

As a part of this system, performers were not identified in films due to two main reasons. One is that the stage performers were embarrassed to be in films. As initially they were featured in silent film and it was considered pantomime, which is the art of conveying emotions, actions, feelings, etc by gestures without speech. As one of the main skills of actors was their voice, they were afraid that appearing in films would ruin their reputation.

The other reason for the performers not being identified in films was because producers feared that actors would gain more prestige and power and the stars might thus demand more money. There were many incidents that have cause the star system of Hollywood movies to come into existence. Some of the main reasons can be traced from the following incidents.

Thomas Edison and the Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC) forced the filmmakers to use their equipments and follow their rules, since they owned most of the patents of the motion picture equipments. It was known that the MPPC did promote some actors during that time.

There was gradually a change in the star system of Hollywood movies, and the main reason for this was that the public wanted to know the real name of the actors. Film audiences constantly recognized a number of performers in movies that they liked. As the names of these stars were not disclosed the audience would give them nicknames. Such as the Biograph Girl, Florence Lawrence and many more.

The MPPC was gaining control over the movie industry until Carl Laemmle promoted the first film star. He was independent of the MPPC and used star promotion to fight MPPC control over the film industry. He got hold of Lawrence from Biograph and spread a rumor that she was killed at a car accident but then later combated this rumor and said she was doing fine and would be starring in the up-coming film produced by him.

Another reason that led to the beginning of the star system in Hollywood movies was the development of the film magazines that gave fans knowledge about the actors. Which includes the lifestyles of the actors outside their film roles. Some of the popular magazines of the time were the Motion Picture Story Magazine and Photoplay. They focused on movies stories but later they began to focus more on the actors catering to reader’s tastes.

The standards set by the legitimate theatre encouraged films to follow the star system of the stage. These are some of the main reason of how star system in Hollywood movies came into being.