New Rules Of Hollywood Movie Stars – How To Rise To The Top, When Everybody There Is Already Famous

Think you’ve got talent. You’re not alone. The power of the internet, YouTube and reality television has created a big pool of famous and not so famous people. So how do you rise to the top in Hollywood, when it seems so crowded above? These 3 tips will help you make the moves to super stardom and stretch your 15 minutes of fame as a movie star into an hour.

Get trained.

What separates the actors from the imitators? Their respect for the craft of acting. Before you spend money on head shots, find the best acting, singing and dancing classes in your area and invest in your career. The most talented people in the business continually train with acting coaches to prepare for roles. They don’t take their gift for granted. It is quite possible to have the innate talent for a particular art, but the successful entertainers who continue to work in the entertainment industry have developed their art over time.

Acquire multiple skills. Become a Jack or Jill of all trades.

The stars of the future will write, produce and direct their own projects. Don’t get lost by having only one skill that can make you money. Become an actor/director/writer/producer. Can’t write? Collaborate with a young filmmaker who needs an actor or fresh new face, for his or her projects. The top money-makers in show business look for ways to increase their market share and find opportunities to promote their multiple skills. You must diversify your talent to stay relevant.

Create your own products. Be a trend setter.

Want to be the next Berry Gordy, Steven Spielberg, Mark Burnett or Oprah Winfrey? Create an amazing product. Become an expert in your field. But you can’t be a trend follower, you must be a trend setter. Don’t better the worst product…better the best. Gordy is a musical genius. Spielberg is a film mastermind. Mark Burnett is the whiz kid of reality TV. Oprah is a successful talk show maven and a new products’ best girlfriend. Find a niche, create products and sell, sell, sell. But the products you create must be PHENOMENAL. Not average. Not mediocre. Think like the greats. Improve upon their successes. Create amazing products that your audience can’t live without.

Famous people of the future are increasing their knowledge, creating products and diversifying their talents. Some of these innovators are stealing the thunder from established stars that are still following the old rules found in the star-making play book. Use my suggestions to stay ahead of the next group of reality stars and home video masterminds. If not, you might disappear before you even enter the game.

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