How Do I Get Abs Like a Hollywood Movie Star?

Celebrities … We know they aren’t ‘real’ people, but we can’t help being obsessed with their seeming perfection anyway! If you’ve ever craved a celebrity body, and wondered why wishing didn’t make it so, here’s the top secret of celebrities – get a personal trainer! Having someone waiting there for you at the gym, so you can’t skip out, having someone to encourage you when you feel like setting the treadmill at 7 instead of 12, and having someone to guide you through a plan and tell you you’re doing great make an enormous difference. If you’re either ready to push yourself to that level, enlist a friend or family member to drill you, or hire your own trainer, here are what the celebs do to get their sexy abs!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan uses the world-famous abs diet, which includes 12 ab-power foods … a fancy name for 12 sensible food group choices, rich in nutrients and monounsaturated fats, and low in empty calories! The diet includes six meals a day, which aims to balance your calorie intake and output, so that your body feels most secure and able to burn calories.

The Pussycat Dolls

These gals also favour the Abs Diet, and use the patented exercise plans as well as the diet. The exercise plan includes two sessions of abs-specific working out, two cardio workouts, three strength sessions, and one interval workout per week. However, this plan was designed by a male for males – if you are female, you may need to modify the plan a little.

Dame Helen Mirren

Yes, she’s hardly a traditional sex goddess, but she’s so fit and healthy for her age! At 63, Dame Helen Mirren is a picture of health. The energy balance concept of the Abs Diet is extended to her whole life by Mirren – she says that she has never done anything to excess – drinking, smoking, or eating. She also does plenty of walking, with her two dogs as company and motivation.


She recently turned 50, but that hasn’t stopped her having awesome abs. Madonn’a workout is high intensity cardio, mixed with toning exercises. She uses the Tracy Anderson method, which involves plenty of dancing for motivation and core strength.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo favors interval workouts, where all different types of cardio are mixed up, going from cardio, to strength activity, to cardio, to strength activity. Jumping rope, the treadmill, and the slide are some of Jennifer’s favorites.

Britney Spears

Increase her lung capacity by singing her entire album while she’s on the treadmill! To be fair, this is actually a voice training technique as well.

Tips for getting movie star abs:

  • Make sure you balance your energy in and out. Don’t eat too much, or exercise so much that you feel sick or dizzy.
  • Do a variety of activities
  • Cardio is the best way to train abs
  • Do two ab workouts a week
  • Pay attention to your superfoods!