How Are 3D Animations Used In Hollywood Movies and Cartoons

At this point in time, it would be a safe bet to speculate that everyone age 4 to 85 has seen a 3D animation film of some sort. Yes, animation has made big changes since the days of the original Disney and Warner Brothers Cartoons. With the advent of the computer and the technological advances made in the last 10 years, the days of the drawing of cartoons on a flat board are becoming history.

In Hollywood today, some of the highest revenue producing movies have been 3D animation films. The latest of them to hit the box-office is the often touted movie “Avatar”. This movie is quickly becoming the staple that all other 3D movies are measured against. The use of 3D animation in this movie lets the moviemakers accomplish effects that many of us could only see in our imaginations until today.

There have been many other 3D movies that were embraced by the public in a very large way also. There is Toy Story I and II, The Adventures of Nemo, Shark Tale, and the popular superhero movie, the Incredibles. Each and every one of these movies did well at the box-office as well as when they were released on DVD.

To make one of the 3D animation movies is quite an incredible feat in itself. It took almost 3 years to get Avatar to the screen at your local theatre. The number of computer animation specialists and sketch artists alone was enough to cost payroll in the neighborhood of 10 Million Dollars. The price tag for the entire production from inception to completion was around 500 Million. No wonder the film has done so well.

The shift to 3D animation films is something that is not going to end soon, as the movies are enjoyed by youngsters as well as adults. This gives Hollywood a huge target audience to draw from at the ticket counter, and therefore, generates the REALLY big bucks. To add to the draw of the movie, the producers get popular stars to do the voice tracks for the characters.

With this new age of 3D animation comes many other uses besides the box office. This form of animation is used in commercials to make a very memorable and impressive commercial that the consumer cannot get out of his head. In drafting and architecture, it is used to make virtual plans that a person can literally walk through.

The new technology of 3D animation was, like with all things new and cutting edge, made popular in Hollywood and now we will begin to see it in many other ways throughout our day to day lives.