Hollywood Movie Clippings Deleted For Referring To Erectile Dysfunction!

While browsing through the web and researching on the tidbits of erectile dysfunction to complete a few write-ups on the topic, I came across news that talked about the deletion of certain parts in a flick for depicting scenes on erectile dysfunction and oral sex related issues. As I scanned the news thoroughly, I came to know the other details: that the Sony movie chief Amy Pascal ordered cuts in the Pink Panther movie where Steve Martin played the leading role and also geared up to shoot the deleted portion containing erectile dysfunction and oral sex scenes at a cost of $5 million.

I was completely struck with utter perplexity as to why on earth people think that erectile dysfunction should be kept under wraps and revelation on the topic might enrage the public. For a person suffering from the disorder, it is OK not to disclose his predicament for the fact that if by some way the secret leaks out his upholstered status in the society would be lost and his personal life would turn topsy turvy. And since, the movie is not a personal statement it should be screened.

I firmly believe that a movie or a video footage that is not defamatory, derogatory and also doesn’t infringe on the rights of any individual should be released at all cost. And as such I am able to comprehend the fact that the cutting of a few scenes in the Pink Panther movie would not serve any substantial purpose.

Erectile dysfunction [http://www.buy-cialis-online-now.com/ed_nutshell.html] and oral sex are explicit issues and it is also true that the movie is not targeting any individual through the erectile dysfunction scenes. Do you agree with my views or there is something else you want to reveal on this topic? Nevertheless, you are open to deal with your impotency in the way you choose. For effective cure from male erectile dysfunction, rush to the nearby physician or your family doctor and obtain prescription for any effective anti-impotency medicine. But don`t forget to adopt the necessary precautions [http://www.buy-cialis-online-now.com/cialis_precautions.html] while administering any drug for your erectile dysfunction.